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Learn how to take better jewelry photos, create 360/3D product views and videos


Just like the clarity of a precious stone determines value, the product photography clarity on your website is equally valuable at converting viewers to buyers.

Aside from your design, you’re judged solely on the belief that the quality of the photographs depicting the jewelry on your site is accurate and that “The picture does the product justice”.

For jewelry stores and eCommerce shops with little or no photography experience, our modern jewelry photography studios make taking professional shots of jewelry – necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, loose diamonds and more – a reality.

Increase speed to market and get your latest designs posted to your website in a matter of minutes with little to no post production. Shoppers will be able to view stunning HD photos, videos and interactive 360 degree views of your products leaving little to the imagination outside of wearing the jewelry itself.

Streamline Your Process

  • Software-controlled Photography
  • Consistent, Controlled Lighting
  • Re-use Best Light and Camera Settings
  • Create Professional Stills on Pure White
  • Make 360, Video & 3D Product Views on Pure White

We Know Jewelry

Ortery has pioneered photography automation in the jewelry industry. Working with professional jewelers, jewelry designers, eCommerce stores and appraisers, Ortery has created software enhancements that help merchandise your product in the best light, with the clearest photos from every angle possible.

Important features for photographing jewelry

  • The Right Light and Dimmable LED Lighting Control
  • Computer-controlled Photography, Real-Time Preview
  • Create Stunning 360 degree product views & videos
  • Focus Stacking ensures every piece of your jewelry is in focus
  • AfterImage – Consistent product shots & category grids
  • Create 3D product views on pure white
  • Extensive Training – Professional photography support

Focus Stacking Demo

Fine Jewelry Photography Studio

This all-in-one jewelry photography studio features a built-in transparent turntable and dimmable LED lighting (from all 6 sides) to make creating professional still shots, 360 product views and product videos simple and efficient.

Shooting Jewelry on Pure White has Never Been Easier

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Create 360 Views

Produce stunning 360 views of your jewelry products.

Capture your designs in their best light, and give your customers the satisfaction of seeing the entire product from all angles. Our studios were designed with jewelry in mind, providing the best environment to get the right image. From lighting to rotation, take advantage of the turntable and extend your users viewing capabilities.

Create Videos

“When jewelry spins it sparkles, when it sparkles it sells.”– Sam Shearer, Ortery Technologies, Inc.

In the jewelry industry, more and more companies are using product videos to communicate the value of their products. Videos provide a smooth, clear product view. Ortery equipment and software work together to make them easy to create and deploy.


Most Popular Jewelry Solutions

Get the perfect jewelry photos with these Ortery products

3D Photobench 60 jewlery product photography lighting stduio with turntable to capture still, 360 and 3D pictures

3D PhotoBench 60

3D Photobench 160 computer controlled automated product photography studio for still, 360 and 3D images

3D PhotoBench 160

PhotoSimile 50 still shot product photography lighting studio with backlight panel for white background

PhotoSimile 50

“Ortery rocks!!!! The system has already paid for itself in time savings and the professional online presence it gives us.  We hope that with the increased online sales the system will actually generate revenue not just pay for itself!”

Erik Legenhausen – Lotus Jewelry Studio

Swatch Watches
Timex Watches
Omega Watches
Movado: the Art of Design
Jewelry Television

Ortery products are used by thousands of companies and professional photographers


Shooting jewelry is challenging. Talk to one of our jewelry photography specialists today to learn how a jewelry solution from Ortery can help your business take better pictures while saving time and effort.