3D Photomation

LED Photography Lighting Kit

LiveStudio Product Photography

Wireless, dimmable LED studio light kit with product photography software for fast and consistent photography automation by 3D Photomation

A new solution to an age old problem

Software Controlled Product Photography with Patented Light Dimming Control

Simplify product photography and get better results faster

Software Controls Everything

  • Camera Settings

  • Light Settings

  • Real Time Preview

  • Image Capture

  • Video Capture

  • Batch Editing

  • Batch Saving


17 Years of photography automation experience

3D Photomation Technologies has done it again. LiveStudio is a studio lighting breakthrough!”

Advanced Lighting and Camera Control

Advanced dimming and real-time previewing in the LiveStudio software makes taking great photos easier than ever before.  Each light can be wirelessly dimmed independently or in groups.


Product Photography – Better, Faster and Easier



LiveStudio combines picture taking, viewing, editing and processing into one streamlined workflow designed for efficiency yet simple to use.



The light and camera settings used to create the best pictures can be saved and re-used to further increase photography automation.



Anyone can use LiveStudio to take pictures and videos of objects any size. The integrated camera and light control provide a Live Preview. Make adjustments until the Live Preview looks good. It’s just that simple

Whether you are shooting for Amazon, business communication or for print, LiveStudio will save you time and money.

Specification Summary

LiveStudio is sold in kits that contain 4, 5, 6 or 8 lights plus software and wireless controller.  The kits could contain 100 Watt or 200 Watt bulbs. The different kits are used for taking pictures of objects from tiny to 8ft x 8ft x 8ft.  More lights can be added at any time for shooting larger items or accenting specific areas. LiveStudio is completely scalable.

Works for shooting objects of all sizes

Great for Amateurs

If you are just beginning with studio lighting, LiveStudio will help you get started. Each kit comes with diagrams and instructions on how to set up the lights to get good results. These presets are an easy place start and grow.

Great for Professionals

Get creative! Set up the lights any way you want. The software and wireless control allow you to quickly change light settings without getting up to move the lights. LiveStudio is completely scalable and delivers unparalleled lighting control.

Ortery LiveLight

Watch how easy it is to adjust the lights and find the best light settings.

Live Studio Accessories

S Mount Accessories

After capturing a product in a 360 or 3D format, dress it up with deep zoom, image tags, hyperlinks and audio to guide potential customers through the main features and benefits.

360 Product Photography

Add an 3D Photomation 360 turntable and begin your own creating 360 degree product shots, custom capture workflows and videos. LiveStudio is compatible with 3D Photomation’s complete line of PhotoCapture 360 product photography turntables.

Create 360 Product Views with LiveStudio

LiveStudio is plug and play with any 3D Photomation 360 photography turntable.


Add it all up and regardless of what you are shooting and what you are shooting it for, LiveStudio makes it easier and faster to get the photography results you need.   

3D Photomation Technologies, with offices and distributors around the world writes its own software and manufactures almost all of its own hardware, continues to lead the photography revolution toward photography automation, with plenty of stops along the way for flexibility and creativity.