TruView 3D

3D Product View Stitching Software

Turns sequences of individual JPG images into interactive 360, hemispherical full Spherical product views in HTML5 format. Communicate product features more clearly with 3D product views featuring: High Resolution Photos, Click-and-Drag Mouse Control, Deep Zoom, Image Tags, Hyperlinks, Audio, Product Tour Capabilities, Optimized Download Times and Responsive Resizing for Mobile Devices and Complete Control over Look and Feel.

Ortery TruView animations in HTML5 format can be put into PowerPoint presentations, shared internally or viewed online. The interactive 3D photography animations created with TiView 3D provides even the most minute details all around the product to give customers confidence or product developers research topics.

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Product Highlights

3D Photography Software

  • Create 360, Hemi and Spherical Product Views from JPG Images
  • Super High Resolution Image Quality
  • Interactive Click-and-Drag Mouse Control and Deep Zoom
  • Add Image Tags, Audio and Hyperlinks to Create MultiMedia Product Demonstrations
  • HTML5 Output is Viewable on All Computers and Mobile Devices
  • Fast Downloads, Responsive Display
  • Easy to Share Internally or Online
  • Free Technical Support

Benefits and Industry Use

  • Stitch between 4 and 240 JPG images into 3D product views
  • Create Animations in HTML5 format
  • High Quality, Photo-realistic Animations
  • Fully Customizable Look and Feel
  • Interactive Click-and-Drag Mouse Control
  • Deep Zoom – See Product Details from Every Angle
  • Image Tagging – Highlight Specific Product Features with Annotations and Drawings
  • Hyperlinks – Add Links Between Animations, to Videos or to any URL
  • Audio – Add Sound, Music or Voice to Any 3D Product View
  • Multimedia Product Display – Combine Image Tags, Hyperlinks, Deep Zoom and Audio to Create Interactive and Informative Product Tours
  • HTML5 Product Views can Play on All computers and mobile devices, no plug in required.
  • Easy to share internally or from a web page.
  • Animations are Perfect for Internal Communication or Online Distribution
  • Optimized Download Times – 240 Frame 3D Animations Download in Approximately 2 -3 Seconds.
  • Responsive Display – Animations Automatically Resize to Fit Mobile Display Screens
  • Fully Customizable Look and Feel

Software Features

Create 360, Hemispherical or Full Spherical Product Views – Import and Stitch Up to 240 JPG Images into Interactive 3D Product Views. For hemispherical views, import up to 10 rows of images with 24 images per row. For spherical views, import up to 5 rows per hemisphere with 24 pictures per row.

High Resolution / Deep Zoom – Show all the details, Unlimited Deep Zoom.
Communicate More Effectively - Perfect for eCommerce and Business Communication. View Animations Locally or Share them Online

Flexible HTML5 Output – View HTML5 Animations on all computers and mobile devices – no plug in required
Interactive Product Viewing – Let customers click and drag or use gesture controls to see a product from every angle with deep zoom, audio, hyperlinks, image tags and more.

Image Tagging – Highlight unique features by adding detailed information (pictures and text) to specific product views.

Create Product Tours - Image Tags can be played in order to deliver an impactful multimedia product demonstration.

Optimized Download Times – TruView animations were designed to download fast.

Customizable Look and Feel – Almost everything about the look and feel of a TruView animation is customizable - Size, Zoom levels, Buttons and Controls, Frame size and color, object load size and more. Users have the ability to create a desired look and feel.

Mobile Optimized – TruView Animations feature responsive resizing capabilities

Easy Deployment - Whether you want to post an animation online or deliver it to someone locally by email or thru a network, TruView’s ‘all-in-one’ output format makes it easy. TruView animations can be served in both static and dynamic website environments.

Batch Stitching – Animations can be created one by one or in a batch using pre-defined settings.

Automate Image Capture – Ortery Technologies offers several photography turntables and lighting solutions that automate image capture and TruView creation.

Free Technical Support, One-Year Free Software Upgrades


Software Requirements

Windows®: 7, 8 and 10
MAC: El Capitan (10.11), Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14)
CPU: Minimum Intel i5
RAM: Minimum 8 GB
Screen Resolution: Minimum 1024×768
Storage: 1GB for Software Install
Internet connection
Min. 2 USB Ports

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