3D MultiArm 4000

Create 3D Product Photography & Modeling

Accelerate your company’s 3D Product Photography & Modeling by using a “Turnkey” workflow where image capture, processing, editing, stitching and ftp transfer are completely automated. This computer-controlled-photography system can have up to 5 compatible Canon cameras shooting simultaneously in a 200cm hemispherical format.

Designed for use with an Ortery PhotoCapture 360 Series turntable users can easily create full spherical, hemispherical and 360-degree product views in HTML5 format. Once calibrated, this system does not require the user to tilt or adjust the cameras again – just place an item and streamline your image capture process.

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  • 290cm x 82cm x 313cm with 200cm shooting radius
  • Works with PhotoCapture 360 Series (PhotoCapture 360, 360M, 360L and 360XL)
  • Computer-controlled, creates hemi-spherical product animations in one spin
  • Hoist Platform for shooting taller objects
  • Use all or any one camera exclusively

Benefits and Industry Use

  • Computer-controlled 3D Photography Arch with 200cm Shooting Radius
  • All the benefits of the PhotoCapture Series turntable or 3D Photobench 260/ 160 Studio it is being used with.
  • Accelerated Image Capture for 360, Hemispherical and Spherical Product Photography
  • Simutaneously Shoot with up to 5 compatible Canon Cameras
  • Speed - Capture a 5 row hemispherical animation with 24 pictures per row in less than 1 minute 45 seconds on a 3D PhotoBench 260
  • Software Controls Everything - Large real-time Preview, picture taking, turntable movement, image processing, editing, stitching and more
  • Patented use of shutter release signals and USB camera Control to Optimize Compatible Canon Camera Control and Photography Speed
  • Wizard of Turnkey Animation Creation. Workflow settings can be memorized and re-used
  • Select and Control Any or All Cameras Individually
  • System Automatically Determines Camera Position
  • Features AfterImage and Advanced Cropping, Confirm and Retake, Annotate and Send, Advanced Saving, Highlight Tool, Advanced 360, Levels, Curves, and other Helpful Editing Features
  • Easy Assembly
  • Wheels to Assist Movement. Legs to Level the System in Place
  • Control Boxes Provide Power, USB and Shutter Release Signals to each Camera
  • Universal Tripod heads fit all Cameras. Offer manual tilting while fixing horizontal and vertical camera position
  • Includes Ortery TruView 3D - Premium Animation Authoring Software for creating HTML Animations Featuring Deep Zoom, Image Tags, Audio, Hyperlinks, and more
  • Non-compatible Cameras with shutter release capabilities can be used
  • For 360-degree animations, capture between 4 and 360 images per rotation and attached camera at any position
  • Creative Control over HTML5 animation look and feel
  • Excellent Craftmanship, One-year Free Software Upgrades, One-year Warranty

Hardware & Software

When 3DMultiArm 4000 is used with a PhotoCapture 360 turntable or 3D PhotoBench 160/260 studio, new software is unlocked. The existing turntable and studio workflows are still available, they are just enhanced and the combined system offers the following:

3D Imaging (Hemispherical and Spherical Product Views)

Place an object in the center of the turntable. Use up to 5 cameras to simultaneously capture up to 24 pictures per camera per 360 rotation. The whole process is automated; all five cameras snap in unison with turntable movement. Captured images can be exported or directly processed and stitched in the software to create hemispherical and spherical product animations in HTML5 format.

360 Imaging

Simply place an object in the center of the turntable. Use one camera to capture between 4 and 360 individual images per rotation. The 360 image capture process is completely automated as software synchronizes picture taking and turntable movement. Captured images can be exported or directly stitched in the software to create interactive 360 product views in HTML5 or GIF formats.

Still Image Photography

Choose which camera and camera position you would like to use. Place and preview the object using live preview on your monitor screen. Adjust camera settings click Snap to take the picture. The image is automatically downloaded to the computer monitor for immediate viewing, editing and saving.

Still Sequence Imaging

Use the turntable, software and multiple compatible cameras connected by USB to create a custom defined sequence of still photos. For example, use the system to automatically take 6 pictures from the various angles. Once the custom sequence is created, it can be re-used.



Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • With hoist platform up - 290cm x 82cm x 313cm
  • With hoist platform down – 290cm x 82cm x 264cm
Shooting Radius (camera to object distance) – 200cm
Weight 254 kgs
Suggested Max Object Size 203cm x 203cm x 203cm
Power Requirements Standard 110V (220V units available)

Package Contents

  • Installation CD Software, Installation Guide, User Guide & Photography Tips
  • Automated System hoisting platform
  • Vertical arm
  • 5 Horizontal arms
  • 5 Camera mount brackets and camera tripod
  • TruView 3D
  • 2 USB Cords, 110V Power Cord

Software Requirements

Windows®: 7, 8 and 10
MAC: El Capitan (10.11), Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14)
CPU: Minimum Intel i5
RAM: Minimum 8 GB
Screen Resolution: Minimum 1024×768
Storage: 1GB for Software Install
Internet connection
Min. 2 USB Ports

Compatible Cameras

Must be used with 1 to 5 compatible Canon cameras. Compatible Camera List


Want to enhance your photos even more?

  • External Lighting
  • Larger Turntable Platforms

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