Get a Pure White Background – Always

Take Every Product Shot with a Pure White Background

Imagine being able to take product shots and 360 degree product views on a pure white background with little to no editing. How much time would that save you and your staff? Since Amazon required product shots on pure white, our systems have been in high demand. Their ability to efficiently create “Amazon-eligible” images allow companies to take the pictures they need and be more productive.


Take Product Shots on a Pure White Background

We’ve made it simple. The lighting design and lighting control inside many of 3D Photomation product photography studios allow users to quickly achieve photography results on pure white. In fact, before a picture is taken the user already knows whether it will be on a pure white background or not. 3D Photomationstudios capture images on pure white from both the top and side views giving the user maximum flexibility.

Take 360 Product Photography on Pure White Backgrounds

The 3D PhotoBench Series and 3D MFP utilize patented technology, including dimmable bottom lights and an edge driven transparent turntable, to make creating 360-degree product views on pure white a reality. Simply place an object in the center of the turntable, choose how many images to capture (between 2 and 360) and click Snap to begin.  The result is a web-ready 360 product animation on pure white.

Create 3D Product Views with Pure White Backgrounds

In addition to creating stills and 360 product views on pure white, hemispherical and full spherical product views can also be easily created with a pure white background.

Even Create 360 Product Videos on a Pure White Background

360 product videos are becoming more popular. Several 3D Photomation solutions allow you to create 360 product videos on a pure white background.  Like product shots, this type of product display looks more professional on pure white, but since video is much harder to edit, it’s important that you shoot them the right way to get the results you need.

Learn how to take product shots, 360 and 3D animations on transparent backgrounds

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