Still Photography Output Options

Still Photography
Output Options

The items below represent some of the different photography styles that can be achieved with an 3D Photomation photography studio and software.

Santa Cruz maxxis bike and tire product photography sporting goods

Pure White Background

beer drop shadow ortery example still shot drop shadow

Drop Shadow

Coach purse photography example reflection natural shadow

Natural Shadow

Clavin Klein product photography example transparent background

Transparent Background

Rayban sunglasses colored background ortery example product photography

Colored Background


Focus Stacked

Steve Curry 750

Any Background

white mountain biking helmet with black straps sporting goods product photography example


Beats by dre 750


Reflection jewelry mirrored photography feature example


Close up Ring jewelry product photography focus stacking example


reflection control photography glass example marc jacobs

Reflection Control

close up photography example rasin brand

Close Up

Nike Annotation arrow example ortery technologies




group shot beer ortery photography product example

Group Shot

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