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3D Photomation

About 3D Photomation

3D Photomation Pty Ltd is a company based out of Melbourne, Australia and we are the industry leading expert in photography automation.

Due to the rapid growth of Ecommerce businesses year by year, we recognised the importance and growing need of having professional photography as part of any successful online business. However professional photography takes time and has high cost associated to it. With ongoing increase in business operation cost, traditional way of doing photography is simply becoming too slow and expensive for most companies. There needs to be an automation to photography which can deliver not only professional result but in a timely and cost effective manner. In 2005, we found that such solution exist and we became the authorised and exclusive distributor for Ortery Technologies branded photography solutions for Australia and New Zealand.

Ortery Technology

Ortery Technologies is a Taiwan based technology company established in 2002 and is recognised as an industry leader in photography automation specialist. Through on going dedication in continuous effort in improvement, Ortery has produced many of the world-first photography automation innovations and also held many worldwide patented hardware and software technologies. Ortery has a long list of major reputable clients, large and small corporations and institutions from all the major markets such as US, Europe, UK and Asia. Many of the customers has continued their rapid growth in online business whilst reducing their photography cost as a result of utilising the Ortery photography automation solutions.

As an exclusive distributor of Ortery, 3D Photomation provides the local sales, services and technical support for Ortery branded photography solutions, from light boxes to turntables, to all-in-one studio solutions as well as professional photography and studio equipment for the Australian and New Zealand market. For the smaller companies, we are also able to assist by offering our photography solutions as a service at affordable price. Our services include still shots, 360 degree animation and 3D photography and 3D model scanning. We understand our clients requirements better than anyone else who just does photography because of our rich background in doing an online and retail business.

Our History

Scorptec Computers
3D Photomation is a subsidiary company of Scorpion Technology Computers Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s well-established and successful Online/Retail business operating in IT industry since 1998. Through Scorpion Technology, we are able to bring you a more complete offering by providing not only photography services, but also expertise in IT hardware and software as well as its related services. Providing a true one stop shop for all your business needs.