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Capture stunning product shots in Still, 360, or 3D view with 3D Photomation's Product Photography Automation system. No editing required. Streamline your photography process to enhance your business’s productivity and shopper retention while reducing administrative error!

Shoot in Pure White Background

Shoot your products ready for Amazon, Shopify, Magento or any online eCommerce platform.

Automatic Remove & Change Background

Effortlessly remove and replace image background using the AutoMask feature that works in all types of products.

Create interactive 360° product shots

You can now create 360 product view in seconds to demonstrate your products more effectively and increase eCommerce conversions.   

Cover Any Angle with 3D Product Shots

Efficiently create 3D product
views in hemispherical and full
spherical formats. 

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Our Hardware & Software Technology Innovations

Ortery provides customers around the world with equipment and programming tools rich in features. Working together, our hardware and software help you capture the best images.

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