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Ortery manufactures a complete line of professional eCommerce photography systems for efficiently taking product shots on pure white and transparent backgrounds. Perfect for any industry, software integrates camera and light control to accelerate product photography. No experience required.

Let Your Pictures do the Selling®


  • Bring product photography in house

  • Take eCommerce photos on pure white backgrounds

  • Take product shots on transparent backgrounds

  • Take pictures on Lifestyle backgrounds

  • Eliminate time spent editing

  • Accelerate product photography to increase throughput

  • Automate product photography to make it simple

  • Shoot with multiple Canon cameras from multiple angles

  • Increase product photography consistency

  • Always take pictures that meet Amazon Listing requirements

Still Photography Output Options

Our technology offers different photography output styles that can be achieve with an Ortery photography studio and software

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Flexible Shooting Options for Any Size or Application

Ortery offers a wide range of automated product photography solutions including: Tabletop light boxes, wireless LED lights and flat lay photography solutions for shooting clothing and apparel.

Tabletop Light Boxes
Light Boxes with Dimmable LED Lightning

Design to be compact and help protect your product from outside reflections or light.

LED Photography Studio Lights

Control multiple external lights in real time by LiveStudio software integration.

Flat Lay Clothing Pad
Clothing Photography with Dimmable LED lightning

Take consistent flat lay pictures of clothing on pure white and transparent background.

Industry Pioneer


Our first light box was patented and ready for sale in 2003.  Since then, over 15,000 companies, big and small, have trusted us with their product photography needs.

Better Hardware

We are the industry leader and pioneer of still, 360 and 3D photography automation systems, globally. With 70+ patents we are constantly innovating and improving our existing product line whilst launching new products that our customers and the marketplace demand.

Our products are designed with production top of mind. Engineered for durability and flexibility our systems provide perfect light sources, control and quality - consistently.

Hardware Features

Better Software

Ortery Software pairs beautifully with our hardware products. For further control and capability, our software provides advanced image capture and output technology designed specifically to streamline your workflow.

Ortery's Product Photography Software lets you automate repetitive tasks and perform batch processing directly to your computer and online integrations.

Software Features

Save, Host & Share



With this integrated solution, you can save images, 360 animations and videos you create directly to the cloud where they can be quickly shared via email, displayed on a web page or used inside an eCommerce website. SAAS Photo is the most efficient way to go from image capture to online product display.