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Hardware & Software Technology Innovations

Ortery provides customers around the world with equipment and programming tools rich in features. Working together, our hardware & software help you capture the best images

Ortery Hardware

We are the industry leader and pioneer of still, 360, and 3D photography automation systems, globally. With 70+ patents, we are continually innovating and improving our existing product line while launching new products that our customers and the marketplace demand.

Our products are designed with production top of mind. Engineered for durability and flexibility, our systems provide perfect light sources, control, and quality - consistently.

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Ortery Software


Ortery Software pairs beautifully with our hardware products. For further control and capability, our software provides advanced image stitching to streamline your workflow.

Automate repetitive tasks and perform batch processing directly to your computer and online integrations.

Create HTML5 360 product views with zoom, tagging, audio, tours, and more.

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Video sequencing feature

Video Sequencing

 Video sequencing automates video capture and production. In addition to offering one-click templates for 360 and 3D video capture when used with the OPM, users can create their own actions (flyover, spin, zoom, tilt) and record them as MP4 and MOV video clips for stitching in the software or for exporting for use in any video editing software.

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Pure White Background

Take Still, 360, or 3D Product Photos on Pure White Background over and over with consistent results.

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Automatic Background Remover

with AutoMask technology, you can now automatically remove the background from a picture as it is being photographed.

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Custom Defined Workflow

Once you figure out how to shoot something the way you want it make it a Standard Operating Procedure and repeat it!

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Computer-Controlled Photography

Integrate hardware and software allow Ortery's computer controlled product photography solutions to offer superior product photography results and workflow efficiency.

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Image Consistency

Our AfterImage Feature Makes it easy! Use previous photos to align future shots. It's just that simple. Use it for 360 degree animations and video too.

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Multiple Camera Control

Use Ortery equipment and software to simultaneously control multiple cameras. Efficiently take product shots from different angles again & again.

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