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Custom Defined Workflows


Once you figure out how to shoot something the way you want it – make it a Standard Operating Procedure and repeat it! The Custom Defined feature allows you to automate product photography by creating, remembering and re-using a fixed sequence of still shots. For example, if you need to shoot the front, left, right, 45-degree and back of each product, you can create a custom defined profile to automate this process. Custom Defined workflows are easy to create and put to use. They typically work in conjunction with an Ortery turntable that delivers the product to the right angle.

Automate product photography and get consistent product shots from multiple angles

Custom Defined with Multiple Cameras

Using multiple cameras inside a Custom Defined workflow speeds up the entire image capture process. It also allows you to conveniently capture images from even more angles like a top and three quarter view.

Once created, simply choose the custom defined profile and press Snap to begin. The software automatically controls each camera and any connected turntable to take the required pictures from each angle.

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