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Computer Controlled

Benefit from our Hardware & Software Working Together. Integrated hardware and software allow Ortery’s computer controlled product photography solutions to offer superior product photography results and workflow efficiency. From image capture to publishing, the studio and the software work in unison. Every detail of the entire product photography process has been thought through to maximize image quality and productivity to accelerate image preparation for publication.

By using a computer to control lighting, camera and turntable settings, several advantages are obtained.

Realtime Preview

All Ortery studios and turntables provide a large Live Preview when used with a compatible camera. The real-time preview helps you position and compose objects for photography.

While in Live Preview you can view crop markers, zooming and camera setting changes in real time.


Save and Re-Use the Best Settings

Camera and Light Setting Profiles Make Product Photography a Lot Easier.

Shooting a batch of similar products? Create your lighting and camera settings once, and then reuse them over and over. This ensures that your team gets consistent results over time. By creating several profiles, a standard operating procedure for shooting items of each color can be used to increase product photography speed and make things easy for new employees.

With multiple team members, this computer controlled product photography solution can allow them all to be productive and consistent using the same optimized settings.

Computer Controlled Product Photography Benefits

Real Time Preview

Visual workflow allows you to see the result before you even take the picture

Automatic Download

Images are automatically transferred to computer for immediate viewing, processing and editing

Immediately Know the Result – (Never touch that product again)

Before removing the product from the photography studio you know whether you have a usable shot. No more taking several shots then sifting thru them to hope you got a good one.

Remember My Settings

Settings specific to getting the right shot or for creating consistent results can be remembered and re-used over time.

Batch Processes

Using a computer inside the product photography workflow makes it possible to minimize the steps involved between capture and publication by efficiently handing image processing using batch and other one-click protocols to get things done faster.

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