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Eyewear trends are constantly changing, and in order to stay competitive in selling glasses online, you need make sure you have the right workflow to produce professional product photos at a moment’s notice when the latest styles are released and land in your warehouse. 3D Photomation can help you focus your merchandising efforts with a number of our computer controlled product photography suites.

Not only will you increase speed to market you will also have the ability to capture your products on pure white with little to no post production. Simply place, preview and snap.

Use our unique photography technologies to manage image consistency, create extremely clear product shots and express your products in new ways. Allow customers to interact with your products to gain a deeper understanding using interactive 360, 360 video and 3D formats.

Modern Photography

  • Computer-controlled
  • Consistent & Controlled Lighting
  • Take Web-ready Photos on Pure White
  • Create 360, Video or 3D Product Views
  • Re-use Best Camera & Light Settings
  • Batch Edit, Process and Save

We have glasses and sunglasses photography covered

Glasses can be tricky to photograph and the arms are usually are out of focus. 3D Photomation to the rescue; Our focus stacking technology ensures every inch of your product is crystal clear each and every time. 3D photomation founded photography automation in the eyewear industry, working with marketers and merchandisers to create software enhancements that help capture your product in the best light, with the clearest photos from every angle possible.


Important features for photographing eyewear

  • One program controls everything: lighting, camera settings, image capture, editing & batch saving
  • Computer-controlled Photography simplifies and accelerates product photography
  • Take Web-ready product shots on pure white and transparent backgrounds
  • Capture 360/3D product views. Display them on any device.
  • Create 360 product videos.
  • Memorize and Re-use Best Light and Camera Settings
  • Image Consistency
  • Use a Custom Defined Workflow with Multiple Camera Control to repeatedly capture the same angles
  • Take a picture with several items inside. Image Separation automatically identifies each item in the photograph and saves them individually.
  • Extensive Training – Professional product and product photography support

360 Product Views

Recommended Products

Get crisp eyeglasses and sunglass photos with these 3D Photomation products

PhotoSimile 50 still shot product photography lighting studio with backlight panel for white background

Photosimile 50

360 Degree Product Photography Turntable with 15.7" platform and 25lbs weight capacity

PhotoCapture 360

3D MFP worlds first office photography studio for still, 360 and 3d photography with 3D modeling automated product photography studio


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