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Ortery Capture Software V.12 Released

Automask Capabilities Now Available on All Photo Capture Features

We provide photography machines and software that automates high-volume photography for your

ecommerce website or catalogue. Choose from our flexible studios for different uses whether it's for Still, 360 or 3D outputs.

                      Making product photography easier and faster than ever before, Ortery continues to push the edge of what’s possible in the areas of photography efficiency, content creation and interactive product display.

                      These new Ortery software features give offer Ortery customers the best tools possible for inhouse product photography.
                      • Extended AutoMask Capabilities from Still and 360 Photography to Hemispherical, Spherical, Custom Defined and Focus Stacking

                      • Increased AutoMask Speed by 23%

                      • Optimized AutoMask Natural Shadow Capture and Display

                      • Re-announced Compatibility with Mac Catalina (10.15.3)

                      • Introduced 360 Focus Stacking Capabilities on Several Jewellery Systems

                      • Enhanced both the QuickShot and Highlight Alert Features

                      • Added Alternative File Saving Formats and Compression Options to Increase eCommerce Delivery Speeds and Optimize 360 Viewing on Mobile Devices

                      • Optimized GIF Output Quality

                      • Introduced Tilt Video Recording

                      • Optimized 360Stitching Defaults for More Natural Viewing

                      • Extended Top Light Control to Include Ring Light Compatibility