3D Shots Samples


3D Product Photography Examples

These 3D product photography examples were created using Ortery's line of 3D product photography equipment. Individual frames were stitched into hemispherical and spherical HTML5 animations featuring click and drag mouse control, zoom, hyperlinks, social sharing, hot spots and more...

With Columbia’s high performance construction hiking shoe, viewing every angle is critical.

  • Shot with the Photobench 280 + 3D 600 Multi-Arm. Captures and composes web-ready 3D product views in just minutes.

  • A 3D product view with deep zoom is almost like holding the product in your hand.
  • Straight forward software workflow enables anyone to create hemispherical and spherical product views.

  • Shoe is output as HTML5, but it can output as JPEG, PNG, MP4 simultaneously in a single workflow.

  • Auto Background Removal/Background Etching features save post edit time and resources.