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Take pictures of apparel and fashion accessories on pure white for eCommerce with Ortery ClothingPad flat clothing photography equipment.

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Flat Photography of Clothing and Accessories Made Simple
If you have a lot of clothes and fashion accessories to shoot, get a ClothingPad. Flat clothing photography with a LED ClothingPad saves time and money with every product shot you take. No stylizing mannequins. Easily shoot 100’s of garments per day with accurate color and consistent results. The ClothingPad comes with photography software that controls a compatible camera, the lights and the entire photography process. Because of this, it saves even more time by shooting products on pure white or transparent backgrounds and automating image processing and saving. Finally, it not only makes flat clothing photography on pure white fast and easy, it also works for side shots of fashion accessories.

  Dimensions230cm X 168cm X (168cm to 249cm)
  Light Quality
  Max Object Size
TOP SHOTS: 188cm x 122cm
  Operating System




Fashion Photography Table

Consisting of a 74” x 48” shooting area, professional surround lighting and product photography software, the Ortery ClothingPad works in conjunction with a compatible camera to simplify and automate picture taking, batch image processing, editing and saving. Simply place an object on the table then use the software to compose, take, edit and save your pictures. Almost the entire process can be automated.

Enjoy specific features that make taking pictures of the front and back of clothing fast and consistent.

  • Great for single garment and stylized flat lay photography

  • Output RAW, JPG, PNG, TIFF, MOV and MP4

The Vertical Kit (sold separate) enables shooting models and mannequins

Combine with an Ortery LiveStudio light kit to automate apparel photography on mannequins and models

Main Benefits

Simplify and Accelerate Clothing and Fashion Accessory Photography

  • Save Money and Time with Every Picture You Take

  • Eliminate Almost All Editing

  • Color Accurate Results

  • Take 100’s of Pictures per Day

  • Increase Output Consistency

  • Computer-Controlled Photography

  • Anyone Can be Trained to Use It

  • Easily Create Product Shots on Pure White Backgrounds

  • Automatically Take Product Shots and Knock Out the Backgrounds

  • Use One System to Consistently Capture the Full Garment and All the Design Details


Main Features

  • Large Real-Time Preview

  • Advanced Dimming

    • Ortery LiveLight – Makes it Easy to Shoot Products in the Best Light

    • Incrementally Dim One or Several Lights Simultaneously

  • LightLight Batch Saving – Create and Re-use Custom Saving Profiles. Automatically Save Images for OmniChannel Use with One Click

  • Batch Editing – Includes Levels, Curves, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Auto White Balance, Hue, Saturation and Brightness, Combo Editing Tools and More.

  • Save and Reuse Optimized Camera and Light Settings

  • AutoMask Feature – Take Product Shots in PNG Format with Transparent Backgrounds

  • The AfterImage Feature Ensures Product Placement Consistency

  • Direct Image Export – Take Photos and Automatically Save or Send them Anywhere

  • Automatically Save Images to the Cloud

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