PhotoBench 100

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Ortery PhotoBench 100 desktop product photography light box integrates camera and dimmable lighting control to create product shots on pure white backgrounds.

    This combination does not exist.

    Jewellery Photography Light Box and Software
    Accelerate your jewellery photography and take better pictures at the same time. This light box uses software to take pictures and control camera, lighting and workflow settings. Simple to learn and use, the software saves and reuses the best light and camera settings for capturing specific types and colors of jewellery . Advanced dimming control from the front, back and bottom make it easy to shoot your jewellery in the best light on pure white or transparent backgrounds. Captured images are automatically edited, processed and saved. Works well for taking professional pictures of all types of jewellery photography including watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and more.

      Dimensions60cm x 60cm x 59cm
      Object Size
    Top Shots: 35cm x 37cm
    Side Shots: 35cm x 37cm x 34cm
      Operating System

    The Right Light Box for Taking Jewellery Photos


    • Dimmable (5700K) LED lighting

    • 50,000 hour lifespan

    • 95+ CRI


    • Large dimmable dynamic range

    • Incremental dimming from four unique positions (software controlled)

    • Utilizes banks and strips of small LED lights for uniform lighting results



    • Large shooting area with easy access

    • Maximum reflection control

    • Bottom and back lit background sweep

    • Takes top and side shots

    • Front and side doors for easy product placement

    • Stable, level system with no vibration

    • The right size for shooting with fixed macro lenses

    Benefits and Industry Use

    To take great pictures of jewellery, the lighting environment must be right… not from just from one angle, but from them all. In addition, the system must be easy enough for anyone to use and get great results.

    • Software simplifies and accelerates jewellery photography

    • Takes web-ready pictures with pure white backgrounds

    • Real time preview, see the result before you even take the picture

    • Automatic batch editing, processing and saving

    • Hardware and software solution optimizes product photography

    • Creates lifestyle “Try On” videos

    • Images can be annotated with more product info

    • Repeatable and consistent lighting

    The Right Software

    • Efficient photography workflow integrates hardware and software capabilities to accelerate product photography and optimize results

    • Create side and top shots with pure white or transparent backgrounds

    • Simply place an object inside, use the software to adjust camera settings and compose the image on your monitor screen. Click Snap. the picture immediately appears on your monitor for batch editing, processing and saving

    • Save and reuse optimized camera and light settings

    • Output RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, MOV and MP4 files

    • AfterImage feature ensured increased image consistency

    • Focus Stacking feature makes sure everything is in focus

    • Makes individual colors pop

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