PhotoBench 140

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Ortery PhotoBench 140 is a software-controlled photography lightbox accelerates 360 product photography by taking product photos & 360 animations on pure white backgrounds..

This combination does not exist.

360 Product Photography Light Box and Software
This desktop 360 product photography light box integrates camera, turntable, and dimmable lighting control to accelerate and simplify product photography. It uses software to take pictures and control camera, turntable, lighting and workflow settings. Easily take 100s of professional quality product photos and 360 animations per day on pure white backgrounds for eCommerce, catalog or any application. No experience necessary. Simply place, preview and Snap. Images are automatically transferred to your monitor screen for viewing, batch editing and saving. Free product training and software upgrades available.

  Dimensions61cm x 61cm x 71cm
  Max Object Weight
20kgs / 22kgs (on acrylic stand)
  Max Object Size
Top Shots: 37cm x 37cm
Side Shots: 30cm x 30cm x 47cm / 35cm x 35cm x 40cm (on acrylic stand)
  Operating System



Benefits and Industry Use

  • Takes web-ready photos and 360 animations on pure white backgrounds

  • Takes photos and 360 animations picture on transparent backgrounds

  • Takes 100s of pictures & animations per day

  • Reduces / eliminates editing

  • Automatic batch editing, processing and saving

  • Brings product photography in house. Saves money, effort and time

  • Quickly creates images and interactive animations useful for eCommerce and numerous other applications



Still & 360 Photo Light Box Delivers Amazon Ready Results

  • Dimmable (5700K) LED lighting

  • Bottom-Lit 360 Turntable w/ Acrylic Extension Topper

  • 50,000 hour lifespan

  • 95+ CRI

  • Advanced lighting control

  • Large dynamic range

  • Individual dimming control of front left, front right, top, bottom and back

  • Repeatable and consistent

  • Accurate color

  • Smart light box design

  • Large shooting area

  • Takes top and side shots

  • Optional side diffusion panels

  • Side door for easy product placement

Product Photography Software Workflows

  • Software controls the entire product photography workflow – capture to publishing – one program does it all

  • Efficient photography workflow

    • Integrates hardware and software capabilities

    • Accelerates and simplifies product photography

    • Optimizes results

  • Place an object inside. Use the software to adjust camera and light settings. Compose images on your monitor screen. Click Snap and the picture immediately appear on your monitor screen for batch editing, processing and saving

  • Save and Re-use Optimized Camera and Light Settings

  • Output RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, MOV and MP4 files

  • Automatically knock out backgrounds. Replace them with any color or image

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