PhotoSimile 100

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Ortery PhotoSimile 100 is a software-controlled product photography light box accelerates product photography by taking product shots with pure white backgrounds.

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Small Still Photography Automation
Use Photosimile 100 to take professional product shots and immediately put them to use. This studio combines remote capture software with consistent, professional lighting to provide a complete imaging solution for small product photography. The integrated workflow streamlines the entire photography process, reduces image editing and photo setup time.

  Dimensions45cm x 45cm x 51cm
  Shipping Weight
  Max Target Size
41cm x 41cm x 33cm
  Hand Held Top Shots
38cm x 43cm
  Side Shots
41cm x 41cm x 33cm (actual target size depends on camera and lens)
  Operating System



Product Highlights

This computer-controlled photography studio makes taking professional photos simple and efficient.

  • Takes professional, shadow-free photographs

  • Ideal for jewellery and other small products

  • Perfect for website, print and business communication

  • Remote capture software allows users to take pictures using their computer

  • Camera settings can be optimized to the studio and saved

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