PhotoSimile 220

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Ortery Photosimile 220 is a completely computer-controlled large product photography studio for small to large products create fast and efficient pictures.

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    Large Still Photography Automation
    Photosimile 220 is a complete product photography solution for any industry. Its capable of taking Amazon ready pictures with pure white backgrounds as well as pictures on transparent with a natural shadow. The included photography software simplifies and accelerates product photography so anyone in your organization, regardless of experience, can take 100s of pictures per day.

      Dimensions180cm x 137cm x 152cm
      Max Object Weight
      Max Object Size
    Top Shots: 81cm x 74cm
    Side Shots: 81cm x 74cm x 89cm
      Operating System



    Photo Hardware Features

    • Computer Controlled Light Box

    • 6500 Kelvin, Florescent Lighting

    • Easy Assembly and Disassembly with hand screws

    • Optionally match with a turntable to capture 360 Photography
    • Smart light box design

      • Shoot smaller items on the glass shelf. Remove it for shooting larger products

      • Takes top and side shots

      • Side door for easy product placement

    Benefits and Industry Use

    If you need to photograph both large and small products, consider the Photosimile 220.

    • Software + hardware solution optimizes product photography

    • Takes product shots with pure white backgrounds

    • Takes product shots with transparent backgrounds

    • Fine light control to photograph products in the best light

    • Fast image capture for shooting small to medium sized products

    • Bring product photography in-house to save money and gain control

    • Simple to Learn and Use

    Software Photography Workflow

    If you need to photograph both large and small products, consider the Photosimile 220.

    • Software controls the entire product photography workflow

    • It integrates camera and lighting control to simplify and automate image capture

    • Automatically batch edit, process and save images for use in multiple channels

    • Save and reuse best camera and light settings

    • Enjoy workflows for increasing photo consistency

    • The LiveLight feature ensures images get captured in the best light

    • Output RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, MOV and MP4 files

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