PhotoSimile 330

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Ortery Photosimile 330 is a software controlled 360 photography light box allows anyone to create high-quality still and 360 product images fast and efficiently.

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360 Photography Light Box
The Photosimile 330 features professional LED studio lighting, a built-in motorized turntable and image creation software. When used with a compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR camera, users are able to efficiently compose, capture, process and save professional still and 360 product images for any web or print application. Software simplifies and accelerates each step of the process delivering consistent and professional product shots.

Streamline the 360 capture process with the automated turntable and achieve instant pure white background pictures. Versatile and sturdy enough to hold up to 200lbs. Save your 360 views in multiple file formats simultaneously with our batch saving feature.

  Dimensions115cm x 115cm x 202cm
  Shipping Weight
Top: 132kgs  (117cm x 117cm x 107cm)
Bottom: 108kgs (117cm x 117cm x 130cm)
  Max Target Size
Mounted Top Shots: 85cm Diameter
Side shots: 85cm x 112cm x 163cm
Outside light box: Depends on shooting distance and camera capability
  Operating System



The Right Studio

  • Self-Contained large photography light box

  • Built-in 360 photography turntable - 56cm platform, 140kgs. capacity

  • Dimmable (5700K) LED Lighting from multiple angles

  •  Simple to Use - Place an object inside, use the software live preview to compose the image by adjusting camera settings, light intensity and turntable positions. Click Snap. The picture automatically appears on your monitor screen in seconds

  • Batch editing, stitching and saving workflows


Benefits and Industry Use

Photosimile 330 is an incredible Office Photography Machine with the following benefits:

  • 114cm x 114cm x 198cm Photography Studio for large object photography

  • Computer-controlled photography (PC and MAC) automates image capture and processing

  • Create Professional Still (JPG/RAW), 360 Degree (HTML) and Video (MOV, MP4)Results

  • Captured images are automatically download to your monitor screen for viewing, editing and saving

  • Symmetrical Lighting System

  • Traditional and backlit lighting methods reduce or eliminate the need for image editing

  • Consistent shadow free, color accurate results

  • Dimmable LED Lamp Control - High color rendering Daylight (6500K) lamps yield shadow-free, color accurate results

  • Large real-time preview (See everything before you take it)

  • Full camera control via software for compatible Canon and Nikon SLR cameras

  • Embeded PhotoCapture 360M turntable - 55.88cms Platform, 200lbs Capacity

  • Create HTML5 360 product animations with up to 360 frames

  • Consistent Results - Achieve maximum consistently between shots with AfterImage

  • Still Shot Magnifier Display still images up close (See example)

  • 360 Magnifier View up close details inside 360 product views

  • Multiple Camera Control - Control several Canon cameras simultaneously to enhance productivity

  • Advanced Saving Mode – Use preset Profiles to save images in multiple sizes & formats with one-click

  • Optimized Camera Settings then save them for reuse

  • Batch Editing - Batch apply the results of Levels, Curves, and other eidting tools

  • Pre-crop – Save time by cropping images in the real-time preview before image capture

  • Watermark and edit images individually or in a batch process

  • Built-in background removal capabilities

  • PNG Capabilities – Automatic background removal and replacement with pure white or any other background

  • Quickly send images directly to any 3rd party editor such as Photoshop or to any local or network folder

  • Fast production tool for large projects

  • Annotate and Send - Take, annotate & send photos in seconds

  • Long 30,000 hour lamp life

  • Excellent craftsmanship, free technical support, one-year free software upgrades and one-year warranty

The Right Software

Embedded Photography Turntable
Built-in PhotoCapture 360M turntable (56cm diameter, 91kgs. capacity) allows users to automate 360 image capture and processing to create 360 product views in HTML5 and Video formats. Automatically capture between 4 and 360 pictures per revolution.

Still Image Photography
Simply place an object inside the studio. Preview the object using live preview on your monitor screen. Compose by adjusting position and camera settings. Click Snap to take the picture. The image is automatically downloaded to the computer to the computer monitor for immediate viewing, editing and saving.

Traditional: Ortery’s patented symmetrical lighting creates color accurate, shadow-free photos
Backlit: Turn on the backlight to potentially create side shots featuring a pure white background

360 Imaging
Simply place an object in the center of the turntable. Capture between 2 and 360 individual images per rotation. The 360 image capture process is completely automated via USB as software synchronizes picture taking and turntable movement. Captured images can be exported or directly stitched in the software to create video and interactive 360 product views in HTML5 or GIF formats.

Still Sequence Photography
Use the studio, software and multiple compatible cameras to quickly create a sequence of still photos from multiple angles.

Precise, Repeatable Angles
Computer-controlled automation allows for maximum efficiency and precise shooting angles every time.

Professional Lighting
Professional photography starts with great lighting. Photosimile 330 provides dimmable light control from the top, front and back wall. Regardless of photography experience, you have creative control to take consistent, color-accurate, shadow-free photos. The studio utilizes dimmable daylight (6,500K) LED bulbs to almost eliminate the need for image editing. Each lamp lasts 30,000 hours.

Easy to Use
Photosimile 330 is designed for users of any skill level. In just minutes, users are able to setup the studio, install the software and get started capturing still images and creating 360 product views. Lighting, camera and saving settings can be memorized and re-used to obtain consistent results time after time.

Fast & Efficient
By integrating the image capture, processing and saving workflows in the Software, users are able to eliminate many tedious, time consuming tasks that are common to the normal product photography workflow. Compose, capture and batch save still shots in just seconds. Create 24 frame 360 product views (from beginning to end) in less than 5 minutes per product. Photosimile 330 is an excellent production tool. No project is too large or too small.

Top Shot & Side Shot Capability
Users have the ability to shoot either through the front using a tripod or from the top down.

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