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Focus on your game

Put Your Photography in High Gear

It’s not just a game anymore. Selling sport related equipment is big business and the competition is fierce. To get ahead, good pictures are not enough. You need excellent product shots, videos and other ways of communicating value to potential customers.

With 3D Photomation, not only will you be able to create professional product shots, you will have the ability to capture your products in interactive 360, 360 video, 3D formats using a solution that can eliminate the need to edit in Photoshop. This flexibility opens new doors that will allow you to score big with your customers.

Go 360!  Quickly create interactive 360-degree product views and videos that bring your products to life. Visually impress your customers and give them enough confidence to buy online.

Go 3D!  Tell the whole story. Give customers interactive motion control, in every direction. Create hemispherical and spherical product views in mere minutes. Dress them up with features that inform and excite potential buyers.

Streamline Your Process

  • Computer-Driven Photography
  • Controlled Lighting / Consistent Photos
  • Take Web-ready Photos on Pure White
  • Create 360, Video and 3D Product Views
  • Save & Re-use Best Light and Camera Settings
  • Faster, Batch Capture & Processing

Product Photography is Our Specialty

With over 10,000+ Customers, 3D Photomation has pioneered photo automation in the Sporting Goods industry, working with marketers and merchandisers to create hardware and software enhancements that help capture your product in the best light, with the clearest photos from every angle possible.


Important Features for Efficient Photography

  • One program controls everything: Lighting, camera settings, image capture, editing, stitching & batch saving
  • Computer-controlled Photography simplifies and accelerates product photography
  • Full camera and lighting control
  • Take Web-ready pictures on pure white or transparent backgrounds
  • Create 360, hemispherical or spherical product views and display them on any device
  • Create 360-degree videos optimized for immediate web use
  • Memorize and Re-use Best Light and Camera Settings
  • Image Consistency
  • Built in Focus Stacking feature ensures every single pixel of your photo is in focus
  • Use a Custom Defined Workflow and Multiple Camera Control to repeatedly capture the same angles
  • Professional product and product photography support


Golf club product photographye xample still image taken using 3D Photomation studios

TruView 360 Demo

TruView 360 / 3D

After capturing a product in a 360 or 3D format, dress it up with deep zoom, image tags, hyperlinks and audio to guide potential customers through the main features and benefits.

Most Popular Products

Get the perfect footwear photos with these 3D Photomation products

Photosimile 200 Automated still photography lighting studio

Photosimile 200

3D MultiArm 2000 Faster 5 Shots Different Angels for 360 and 3D Photography

3D MultiArm 2000

3D MFP Office Photography Studio for still, 3D, 360 and 3D Modeling


2D PhotoBench 260 eCommerce Photography LightBox for Taking Product Shots on Pure White Backgrounds

2D PhotoBench 260

360 Degree Product Photography Turntable with 15.7" platform and 25lbs weight capacity

PhotoCapture 360

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Speak to one of our representatives to learn how 3D Photomation can streamline your footwear photography workflow for your catalogue and online store.