3D MultiArm 1000

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When coupled with the Photobench Series Lightboxes, the MultiArm 1000 enables you to capture stunning photos, videos, 360 or 3D of your jewellery masterpieces easier and quicker. It helps you to build assets and contents for your ecommerce business.

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3D Jewelry Photography, Automated
The 3D MultiArm 1000 includes a five-camera rack, controller and 3D software. It is an add-on accessory that attaches to a 3D PhotoBench 80 or a 3D PhotoBench 80 Air to unlock the 3D capture capabilities in the Ortery Capture software. With a MultiArm 1000, users can simultaneously control and shoot with up to 5 Canon cameras to create 3D jewelry photography workflows where image and video capture, batch editing, 360 / 3D stitching and delivery to the cloud are completely automated.

      w/ 3D PhotoBench 80
67.5 x 45 x 70cm
  Controller Box
21.5 x 47 x 20cm
  Shooting Radius
52.5 - 64.5cm
  Operating System



Utilize Multiple Configurations

Take pictures and videos with up to 5 compatible Canon cameras. Use different configurations to create unique results.

  • Simultaneously control and capture pictures with up to 
  • Canon cameras. Take up to 800 images, max 5 rows
  • Stable MultiArm rig with 20.7 – 24.5″ shooting radius
  • Create hemispherical views in one rotation, fast
  • Universal tripod heads fit all compatible Canon cameras

Utilize Multiple Configurations

Automate Capture Workflows
Repeatedly capture jewelry from the exact angles you, automatically. Enjoy a new level of jewelry photography speed and consistency.

Create Hemispherical and Spherical 3D Jewelry Views
Add another dimension to online jewelry display. Show jewelry floating and spinning from every angle, including the bottom.
Customers can interact, zoom, and see the fine details.

Dual View Capabilities
Attract more views by showing your jewelry at different angles, different zooms or in different configurations.

Video Sequencing
Take individual video clips of your jewelry – each highlighting a specific characteristic – then put them together to tell a complete story. All settings are memorized for future use.


  • Automates the creation and stitching of hemispherical and spherical product views
  • Software controls the hardware (cameras, lights, turntable) and photography workflow (capture, editing, stitching & saving)
  • Simultaneously control and take pictures with up to 5 Canon cameras.  Take up to 800 images / 5 rows
  • Cameras fire in sync with turntable movement
  • Accelerate capture of still, video & 360 product views in JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, RAW, HTML5, GIF, MOV & MP4 formats
  • Create 3D product views on pure white or transparent
  • Save / Reuse best settings for increased productivity
  • Batch editing, stitching & saving
  • Free training, easy to learn and use
  • Excellent craftsmanship, one-year hardware warranty

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