3D Photomation carries a brand that has over 100 patents granted worldwide. All of 3D Photomation’s technologies facilitate and are built around the following concepts:

Making Photography Simple

The goal of our technologies is create simple to use photography solutions that anyone can use to quickly create professional results. We actively seek to control and automate the variables that make product photography difficult and tedious.

“Your software made a photographer out of me.”Sam, Olem Shoes

Taking Great Still Shots

A professional still shot is the basis of everything our customer’s need. A good still shot can be quickly used for any web or print application. A good picture can make a point, prove something or even sell an item. 360, hemispherical and full spherical product animations all start with good still shots. Our equipment and software not only makes is possible to take a great still shot, it also allows you to quickly put it to use.

“Before we purchased the 3D Photobench 60 it would take us FOREVER to take an edit an image, just to get an average shot!”Erik Legenhausen, Lotus Jewelry Studio

“We recommended it to you. We sold it to you. If you need help with it, count on us to be there.” – Sam Shearer, Managing Director, Ortery Technologies, Inc.

Product Quality

We build our products to function and last. It’s not easy. A lot of thought goes into the design. From ease of use and functionality to aesthetics and reliability, each piece is carefully considered. Our design and manufacturing teams have years of experience and it shows in the quality and workmanship of our products.

“Your products are built like a tank! Absolutely no corners were cut when making these devices. The quality is excellent.”Fred Laurie, Market Footwear

Customer Support

OK, it may not be a technology, but it is not enough just to have good products. When something goes wrong or when a question needs to be answered by a qualified person, providing excellent customer support is what makes a company great. We are here for you before the sale and long after.

“Thanks for being so responsive – you don’t get that from many hardware vendors!”James Wang, James Wang Photo

Get In Touch

We’d be happy to learn more about your current photography workflow and discuss how we may be able to help.